Holiday Market

Experience the magic of our handmade natural candles. With a variety of scents and unscented options, they'll transform your space into a cozy sanctuary.

Bee products—made of honey, pollen or beeswax—provide natural health benefits and are sure to swarm your heart (because it’s gonna be healthier). Many of our products are made right here through our beekeeping operations.

We offer handmade clothing and jewelry.

Selling baby & Doll Ribbon Shirts & tops made out of new/recycled materials. Moccasins are hand beaded/sewn on moose hide with beaver fur.

My name is Angela and I am the owner of Magazeads. I make eco-friendly handcrafted paper bead jewelry and Christmas ornaments out of upcycled magazines. Magazeads was established in June 2023, so I’m excited to be a first-time vendor at this event!

Mala Luna is an indigenous family owned business bringing you all kinds of crystals at amazing prices. We also offer books, cards, metaphysical, jewelry and many other gift ideas! Including amazing artwork from Celina Miller Art!

We are a dedicated gluten-free and vegan bakery with some s/f options since 2014. We cater to specific dietary requirements and also offer great gift ideas. We have participated in this event for last 6 years.

Meru Chocolates offer unique center-filled chocolate bars offer a flavor explosion with creations like Coconut Cream and Mint filled Dark Chocolate, and a Dark Chocolate Caramel bar with Crystalized Salt for a burst of flavor.

I am a mixed media Surrey artist who loves creating both art and crafts. I have a colourful and unique range of handmade products which include "Smol" art pieces, Art Hands, Receiving Hands, self draining soap dishes, bag swag and other décor items.